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Uniting Alberta

As the new leader of the party, Hon. Jason Kenney has received a mandate from party members to pursue unity with the Wildrose. This page will be updated frequently with information about how the unity agenda is progressing.

Monday, March 20, 2017

As a first step, Hon. Jason Kenney will be meeting with Wildrose party leader, Brian Jean to begin preliminary unity negotiations.

Negotiating Team

A PC Alberta negotiating team will be struck to work with its Wildrose counterpart. These two groups, working with the objective of achieving unity, will debate and finalize the details of a unification agreement. 



A negotiated agreement for achieving unity is expected to be concluded by the end of Spring 2017. 


Should a negotiated agreement be reached by the end of Spring 2017, arrangements will be made for a referendum to take place in the early summer of 2017.

Creating the new party

Following ratification of a unity agreement through an open and democratic referendum, the rest of the summer and fall of 2017 will be spent laying the groundwork for a new party. This will include establishing new constituency association, creating new bylaws for the new party and defining the new party's core values. 

By late fall (November 2017) a founding convention will occur to establish a new party and elect its Board of Directors.

Leadership Election

Immediately following the creation of a new party, that new entity will establish a Leadership Election Committee to define the rules for a leadership election. This election will conclude with the election of a leader by early 2018 (February-March).


During all phases of the unity plan, all members of the party will be consulted for their feedback and guidance. In the coming weeks, a survey will be sent to all party members. This survey will ask members to provide feedback on the new party's name, its core values, and other aspects. Our constituency associations will receive continual updates on the progress of the unity plan.